SDSLabs is a student group that makes technological products at IIT Roorkee. We are innovating in a lot of technical areas and aim to make lives easier for everyone. Promote innovation through joining us.



  • Beginners' Hypothesis
  • Endgame
  • Codeblitz
  • n00bCTF

Intro Talk

  • January 15th, 2019 Tuesday

Recruitment Test

  • January 17th, 2019 Thursday


  • January 18th, 2019 Friday



Designers (First year only*)

Download the design problem statement and submit your entries using the form below. Not necessary to make it using a software. Upload your zip file on google drive and give the link in the form below.

Last date of submission: January 16th, 2019

Developers (First year only*)

Written test includes HTML, CSS, Aptitude, Competitive Programming, Comprehensions and a Miscellaneous section. Selected candidates will be called for interviews.

The test will be held during the second week of January, 2019.

Direct Interview entries :
Successful candidates of Winter of Code and Winners of Endgame, Codeblitz, n00bCTF



We are inviting you to show us a project that you can build in the next 30 days. If your project is good enough, you will get a direct entry to the interview.

Last Date of Submission: January 15, 2019 (till 11:59PM)

Rules and Regulations

  1. Due to the high degree of variance in the projects, the grading will be subjective. Key points we will look for are, concept, implementation, state of completion and code quality (if applicable). Most projects will receive a feedback as well.
  2. You may also submit some other projects (other than the main project) that you have worked on earlier. This is not a necessity, though.
  3. You have to submit a write up (not more than 200 words) for your project detailing why you think it is a good idea and how you went about making it.
  4. All submissions should take place only through the submission form. For code submissions, you will need a Github account to host your project(s) repository. Make sure to add a description in the repository as well.


We have awesome competitions to fuel your passion

Why SDS?

Last year saw 9 selections from SDSLabs in Google Summer of Code and 2 selections in Outreachy this year. With clean sweeps in Online Round and On Campus Round (2 out of top 3 teams) of Microsoft We also won the Microsoft Code.FunDo++ as well as the NYU CSAW CTF this year. Our members also stood first in the Inter IIT hackathon this year. Our members, with their remarkable skills in various fields like web development, information security, machine learning and game development, landed jobs in companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, Goldman Sachs & Facebook. Our alumni base ranges from the co-founders of Razorpay to the researchers in universities like Georgia Tech, NYU & MIT.


The following people are the winners of various competitions, and have been selected for direct interviews. See you soon!

Winter Of Code

  1. Adrij
  2. Aniket
  3. Harshit
  4. Utkarsh
  5. Lakshaya
  6. Yash

Beginners' Hypothesis

  1. Subham
  2. Ajit


  1. Swarnik
  2. Radhika


  1. Kalpatru Agarwal
  2. Utkarsh Vinayak Parkhi


  1. Shubhang Tripathi
  2. Rishi Ranjan